Shelley F. Diamond, Ph.D.

Welcome to the website of Shelley F. Diamond, Ph.D., licensed psychologist. I work with adult individuals and couples in San Francisco. 

What's important to you? What really matters right now? Let's focus on that. Let's pay attention to the real self deep inside, the self that others may not know or see. I will listen closely and use my professional knowledge and skills to figure out how to help you.

Our psychotherapy sessions will be a safe place to get the compassion, emotional encouragement, and structured guidance that you need. You may only need brief therapy to get a few simple but personal questions answered, or you may need a longer amount of time in which you can develop a sense of trust in our relationship and gradually get closer to confronting feelings and truths that you have been avoiding.

I respect your intelligence and believe in your ability to grow over time. I am NOT the kind of therapist who is silent and emotionally distant. We will have interactive discussions and therapeutic conversations. I hold a big picture perspective as you untangle the threads and complicated details of emotion and experience. 

I don't overanalyze. I help you recognize your strengths and show you how to build upon that foundation so you can find your next steps in your process of understanding yourself and making changes in your life. I help you stay on track towards your goals, balanced with a sense of humor and playfulness.

Please explore this website to learn more about my work.  If you feel that we might be a good match, please go ahead and contact me for further information. If I am not the best person to help you, I can refer you to others who may be more appropriate.

Only when we are in each other's presence can we truly sense how comfortable we feel together. I look forward to meeting you…