Shelley F. Diamond, Ph.D.

Sad Announcement:

Shelley F. Diamond, Ph.D. was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had to abruptly close her private practice at the end of 2021. She only had time to inform the patients who were already scheduled. She has the following message for other patients: "Please accept my apologies for this bad news and sudden change. I'm so sorry I am no longer available. I wish I could have had a last session with you."

If you are a former patient and want your medical records, please contact Dr. Kate Hellenga. Dr. Hellenga is a licensed psychologist who is now the custodian of Dr. Diamond's records. You can text Dr. Hellenga at the number 415-596-6268 and she will respond with a call or email to protect your confidentiality. Her email address is

You have seven years after your last session to request your file. If you do not request your file, it is shredded after seven years. If your last session with Dr. Diamond was in 2014 or earlier, your file has already been shredded.