Resume: Shelley F. Diamond, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist #PSY20818
Age 50 in 2007

Phone: 415-263-0374
FAX: 415-564-3403

Since 2006 Full-Time Private Practice of Psychotherapy

525 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

~ Additional Clinical Experience and Research Projects


Supervisor, Practicum Students, Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Institute on Aging

Supervisor, Clinical Interns, California Institute of Integral Studies

Trainer, Staff of Northern California Presbyterian Homes, Trainings on Memory Loss, Hoarding and Cluttering, and Difficult Behaviors in the Elderly.

Consultant to Robert Badame, Ph.D., on Forensic Reports for Court Cases

N-648 Disability Exemptions for Citizenship Requirements

(2004-2006) Institute on Aging, San Francisco

2 year Postdoctoral Fellowship: Neuropsych assessments, Individual psychotherapy, Capacity Declarations for Conservatorship of Elderly, Established pilot mental health program for 200 elderly residents at independent living facility

Tessa ten Tusscher, Ph.D., Supervisor

(2001-2003) Department of Public Health, San Francisco

Longitudinal study of deinstitutionalization outcomes

Semi-structured interviews, 30 chronically mentally ill adults

Saumitra Sengupta, Ph.D., and Kevin McGirr, R.N., Supervisors

(2001) Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, Palo Alto

Group therapy research study, Screening and baseline assessment

SCID and multiple assessment tools, 30 adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Catherine Claussen, Ph.D., Supervisor

(2001-2004) Department of Dermatology, Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco

Support Group Leader, Patients with chronic skin disease,

Raj Grewal-Frey, R.N., Supervisor

~ Partial List of Lectures and Publications
2007 Psychological Aspects of Itch, Acta Dermato-Venereologica, Vol. 87, #6.

2007 Psychological Aspects of Itch, 4th Int'l Workshop on Itch, San Francisco

2007 Lecture, Sexual Myths and Realities, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco

2007 Film Review: Learning to Swallow, S.F. Psych Assoc Newsletter, Sept issue

2007 Poster, Home Visits for Elderly, American Psychological Assoc Conference

2007 Workshop on Starting Private Practice, for graduate students, San Francisco

2006 Lecture, Intimacy and Aging, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco

2006 Presentation on Rape Survivors, San Francisco Women Against Rape

2006 Lecture, Self-Management of Chronic Illness, Institute on Aging, San Francisco

2005 Lecture, Chronic Skin Disease, National Eczema Conference, San Jose

2004 Lecture, Chronic Skin Disease, National Pemphigus Conference, Las Vegas

2004 Lecture, Parent-Adolescent Conflicts, PTA Meeting, Palo Alto Prep School

2004 Lecture, Chronic Skin Disease, National Eczema Conference, Washington, D.C.

2003 Lecture, Outcomes of Deinstitutionalization, San Francisco Dept Public Health

2003 Cited in April 29th New York Times, "When Life in Your Own Skin is Agony"

2002 Lecture, NIH Conference on Burden of Skin Disease, Washington, D.C., cited in Journal of Investigative Derm. Symposium Proceedings, Vol. 9, No. 2.

2001 Lecture, Chronic Skin Disease, Dermatology Nurses Conference, San Francisco

2001 Lecture, International Symposium on Atopic Dermatitis, Portland, OR

1998 Lecture, Kindredness in Relationships, Levi Strauss Employees, San Francisco

1997 Lecture, American Sociology Assoc Conference, San Francisco

1997 Cited in Jewish News Weekly, "Feminists for Nontraditional Families", April 18

1996 Essay, in medical journal Making the Rounds

1995 Essay, in book Total Health for Women

1993 to 1996 Annual lectures on chronic illness to new med students, Dept Psychiatry, UCSF

1986 Author, essay excerpted in healthcare book Skin Deep, by Ted Grossbart, Ph.D.

~ Education

(2005) Ph.D. in Psychology, WASC-accredited Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco
Dissertation title: "The Development of Expertise in Self-Management of Chronic Illness: Narratives of Older Adults Living with Atopic Dermatitis, Asthma, and Allergies Since Childhood"

(2000) M.A. in Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco
Master's Thesis title: "A Qualitative Study of Archival Data from an Internet Self-Help Group for People Living with Atopic Dermatitis"

~ Partial List of Supplementary Clinical Trainings

(2007) Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society Training Institute, Asilomar

(2007) Supervising Graduate Students in Clinical Settings

(2006) Legal and Ethical Risks and Risk Management

(2006) Clinical Guidelines for Management of Disorders of Sex Development

(2006) Anger Management

(2003-2004) Ann Weiser Cornell's Inner Relationship Focusing Trainings

(2002) Eugene Gendlin's Focusing Technique

(2000-2002) Art of the Psychotherapist with Jim Bugental, Ph.D.

(2000-2001) Gestalt Institute, Weekly Group Process Trainings

(2000) Existential-Humanistic Institute, Training Workshops

(1999) Narrative Therapy with David Epston, Ph.D.

(1998) Coaches Training Institute

(1994) U.S. Dept of Justice Training to resolve conflicts re: Americans with Disabilities Act

~ Previous Employment

Nov 93 – Nov 94
Editorial Assistant, Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, Stanford University.

June 87 - Oct 93
Managing Editor, American Journal of Human Genetics, peer-reviewed medical journal at University of California-San Francisco. Supervised review and revision of all manuscripts, managing articles from submission to publication. Diplomatic liaison between authors, editors, publisher, staff, and funding society. Responsible for conflict resolution and crisis management. Developed model of operation used in three other medical journal editorial offices. Trained new staff in Seattle after Unabomber attack on the medical editor, Dr. Charles Epstein.

Jan 85 - March 87
Reporter, The Daily Pacific Builder, an architecture/construction industry daily newspaper of McGraw-Hill Publishers. Trained new reporters. Offered promotion to news manager.

Jan 77 - Dec 84
Radio Reporter and Producer, National Public Radio.
More than 50 programs broadcast with focus on arts and science. Hour-long programs on brain surgery for mental illness, teaching art in state prisons, etc. Shorter programs on autistic children, media social responsibility, hospices, etc. Wrote grant proposals. Administered funds. Conducted interviews. Edited audiotape. Testified before U.S. Congressional Commission when investigations revealed need for federal regulations. Received Peninsula Press Club Award twice. Co-founder of Western Public Radio.

Jan 77-Jun 77 and Jan 76-Jun 76
Live-in Counselor, Group Homes for Emotionally Disturbed Teens.
Children's Aid Society, San Francisco & Girls' Group Home, Riverside, CA

Jun 76-Jan 77
Temporary Work Paralegal, Private Investigator, & Pharmacist's Assistant, San Francisco

~ Partial List of Other Editorial and Media Projects

1994 Travel columnist, San Diego Celebrity Magazine

1992 Artist, Telling Stories: Artists' Books & Journals, Prieto Gallery, Mills College

1991 Author, Interview with geneticist Dr. Paul Billings, Processed World magazine

1987 Editor, Photo Metro, a monthly magazine

1984 Press Liaison, Democratic National Convention, San Francisco

1984 Promotion Assistant, San Francisco International Film Festival

1979 Published by Pacific News Service, The Progressive, Mother Jones, Ms., etc.

~ Partial List of Community Service Work

2006 Social Committee Chair, San Francisco Psychological Association

2006 Facilitator, Discussion Group for the Under-employed, United Professionals

2004 Educational video on living with atopic dermatitis, Icon Communications

2002 Educational video on living with atopic dermatitis, Northwestern Univ Schl Med

2001 to 2004 Member, Board of Directors, National Eczema Association

1998 to 1999 Facilitator, Psoriasis Support Group, San Francisco

1997 to 1998 Proposal Evaluator, Vanguard Foundation, San Francisco

1992 to 1998 Mediator/Trainer, Community Boards Conflict Resolution, San Francisco

1995 to 1998 Facilitator, Eczema Support Group, San Francisco

1995 Co-founder, Internet Support Group for Eczema Patients

1994 Medical Student Evaluator, Stanford University

1993 Co-founder, San Francisco Childfree Network Chapter

1992 Facilitator, Support Group for Rape Survivors

1973-1975 Telephone Hotline Crisis Counselor, Long Island, NY

~ Current Memberships

American Psychological Association

California Psychological Association

San Francisco Psychological Association